Feature from Fashion Fabrice


Hi guys! So today I wanted to talk to you about a friend of mine, Hanh. She’s this crazy cool person, born in Hong Kong with Vietnamese roots, raised in California, studied in Italy, lived in New York City.. Sound like we all want to be her right;) Hanh had a love affair with the worlds of illustration, art and design. Eventually, her childhood dreams led her to pursue a career in fashion, the canvas of life, and started her own brand Hanhny. I feel like even if you don’t know her, you’ll get to know her from the clothes she designs. The artworks blurred lines between dreams and reality, adventures and silence.

High quality soft fabrics and unique artworks all created by Hanh is what make Hanhny a stand out clothing label. They are created for the explorers, the art lovers, the dreamers and the individualists who embrace the unknown as treasure.

I can’t wait to show you guys my own Hanhny look soon

If you like, you can find daily updates about Hanhny on InstagramTumblr and Pinterest!

Love, Farah