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UNFOLDING MYSTERY "Its people are so isolated that they are so foreign and mysterious to me. And when mysteries exist, it allows our imagination to run wild." --Hanh Nguyen

It's always about the fit, the flow, the cut, the fabrication, the trend... You've heard it in fashion reviews and articles time and time again, but there's more to developing an understanding of why people feel a passion for design.  We re-visit designer Hanh Nguyen's newest collections because there's such a captivating thought-process behind her work.  It's true all designers work towards creating an appealing aesthetic, and while some take inspiration from various cultures, it's always more based upon current trend forecasts. Nguyen opens your eyes beyond a simple appreciation for worldly patterns and prints to the rich and nomadic lives of Mongolian natives. She draws on their survival in harsh climates as evidenced by the deep red tinge that stains their cheeks in a rather beautiful way during bitter winters. She finds life in a season that most would consider bleak by taking that rustic, deep red tone and imbuing into her Winter Garden Collection, and she notes each piece is named for resilient flora that continues to bloom in the coldest months. Winter is no longer meant for the lifeless, but rather the beauty that persists through. There are still sweetly hidden details on the garment signature to Nguyen's design we've long adored.  Her hand drawn illustrations, quick splashes of lace and subtle seaming for contouring bring added character.  She found a way to bring the perfect degree of vitality to modern and minimalist designs, and we hope that the distinguishing artwork remains constant in future collections released by Hanhny.

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Special thanks to Seek Me Magazine & Angela McAdrian